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New to the Forums? Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.....we don't bite (unless you want us to). Please read the "How to become an OAP" announcement before applying for membership. Open to all but must be registered to post.
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D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Sun 16 Feb 2020, 7:03 am

Hey gents I'm Mike aka D3ath71. I've been gaming since about '93 and I am looking for a community on PSN. Currently playing COD MW 2019, GTAV, Red Dead, GT Sport, Dying Light, Doom, among others. Please add me on PSN friends if you are an old time gamer that enjoys coop or good strategizing on shooter using voice comms. Peace!

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Sun 16 Feb 2020, 1:31 pm

Hello Mike
We are a group of mature gamers hence Old Age Playstationers who like to play away from the immature players who like to make comments about "ur mom" and scream insanely or play loud music, also they beat us. We don't tend to use text speak to much and you have to be at least twenty five but if the 71 in your name indicates your birth year that looks Okay.
I play BFV and Modern Warfare 2019 plus others, but I'm sure you will find players for all the games you play.
So pull up a seat sorry about the couch it smells of pee and an admin will be along shortly also some of the guys and girls may want to question you, difficult ones like do you prefer Tea or Coffee, Biscuits or Cake.
We like a laugh on here so dig out your sense of humour and join the fun.
Hope to see you in the servers. Tonight some of us will be playing BFV we call it Battlefield Sunday there are nights for most things.
peace and love

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Sun 16 Feb 2020, 10:52 pm

Greetings Mike!

Come on, spill the beans on what platforms/games were responsible for grabbing you by the gaming balls since 93!

Amiga? or was it the popular consoles of the day?

Welcome BTW, there are deffo folks around these parts that play those games, they must be good games as they seem too busy playing to frequent this dusty old forum. ;)

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Mon 17 Feb 2020, 9:44 am

Thanks for the warm welcome! Any of you that have PSN ID's visible will get a friend request. My PSN ID is mccutch1 if anyone would like to add me.

Yeah in '93 after years of wishing I could get a PC, I was renting a place with my then fiancee and found a 386 PC in the basement along with a DOS manual and a manual for a modem which I assumed was onboard. I fired it up, learned enough DOS to get around, and found a directory called Wold3D. The rest is history! BBS sites, DOS games, freeware, and pirated copies of games on floppy disks lol. Played mostly PC for most of the intervening years, but always had a console with a few games. I was fortunate in the late 90's to be part of a small gaming community in Vancouver BC that ended up being the nucleus of eSports in North America, playing Quake on a T1 connection from the University of British Columbia computer lab, and on a 16 baud dialup modem from home, with some of the early pros and devs in that game, including the originator of the capture the flag game type for Quake. We would run dedicated servers and/or meet up for matches with other Quake clans on standford.edu quake servers. Most of my PC gaming has been playing fps. Call of Duty games/clans, and hundreds of hours on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. Thousands of hours of Skyrim, the GTA series and other games too.

As soon as Sony hit 4th generation and really got the whole online/voice comms and social aspect dialed, I have mostly been on PS. Still love PC titles and have a good Steam library and a respectable gaming rig. My current game group are a handful of awesome old school guys that are always good for some laughs. Unfortunately many of them have been limited in their gaming time as of late because of life and career commitments. After 2 months of nearly none of the group being online, I figured it was time to see if I could meet some more cool people and hopefully have some more fun in 2020. Maybe I will get BFV, it's always interested me but I have been spread pretty thin lately with all of the great titles out now. It's a great time to be a gamer, and I fully intend to be fragging from my room in the old folks' home when I am near the end of my days. Good day new gaming brethren!

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Mon 17 Feb 2020, 6:20 pm

*Wolf3D as in Wolfenstein

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Tue 18 Feb 2020, 8:35 pm

welcome Darth add me buddy

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Tue 18 Feb 2020, 9:11 pm

Welcome to OAP,
I am sure that you will find some good games to play with us. There is quite a large spread at the moment. Join in and have fun.

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Fri 28 Feb 2020, 4:35 pm

Welcome to OAPs mate. Mainly on BFV and Fallout 76 myself, have COD as well, but it's too fast and 'spongey' for me tho.

Re: D3ath71 (Mike) Introduction

Fri 01 May 2020, 5:04 pm

Welcome D3ath!
I haven't played much lately, waiting for a good game release.... like TLOU 2 :grin:
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