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Re: Down The Pan

Postby vengance101 » Sat 01 Aug 2020, 9:14 am

Interesting that in an age where instant communication is in everyones pocket people seem less and less willing to communicate. To reach out and write a few lines to the world in general or the people with common interests often seems a little more effort than people are willing to put in. The gaming pool at the moment is pretty poor for getting a bunch of friends together which is weird on a platform billed as "for the players" and based on sharing games with friends. I havent tried discord for communication since i dont have the computer and playstation on together and their is a serviceable chat party system albeit with limited numbers of players but its been a while since thats been a problem. Games like BF V sucking badly dont help. BF1 was troublesome on reorganising teams mid game.

If we can get a list of titles to get together on then lets do that and people can get any titles they are interested in and we can get some games together.

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Re: Down The Pan

Postby Plaxinator » Sun 02 Aug 2020, 5:00 pm

I was a bit loathe to use Discord to begin with, but it’s actually very good and easy to use.
Forums are dead. There are too many other more immediate social mediums to use. The oldies are dying and the young are moving on the fresher, greener pastures. Also doesn’t help that there are too mAny games and nothing that has continually drawn a load Of players to for a long time. Warzone seems to be the main game I see most people play a lot, Destiny as well. Battlefield seems to fallen out of favour. Will be interesting to see if the PS5 changes things more.
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