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BATTLEFIELD SUNDAY - Returning/current/new Players

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 2:12 pm

Hi Everyone,
Battlefield Sunday has just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. A special thanks to everyone who has taken part over the years.

Battlefield Sunday will continue every weekend from 7pm as we look forward to the new Battlefield game in 2021.


All players welcome and can be added to the PS Battlefield Party by any current member.
For more info and regular updates, visit us on the OAP Discord channel.

See you on the Battlefield

Re: BATTLEFIELD SUNDAY - Returning/current/new Players

Thu 07 Oct 2021, 3:53 pm

Battlefield Sunday will be switched to Saturday 9th October this weekend only to make way for BF2042 beta.
It will then continue every Sunday on BFV until the release of BF2042 this November.

Please request to join the Battlefield PS5 group if interested and more information can be found on our Discord Channel above.


Re: BATTLEFIELD SUNDAY - Returning/current/new Players

Sun 24 Oct 2021, 9:58 pm

24th October 2021. Need to bookmark this. Best Battlefield Sunday ever! More drama than EastEnders.

Great to see Ferret and Salty making a comeback. Now find your way over to Discord too :y:
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