Where do you play?

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Re: Where do you play?

Postby rubiqrage » Fri 06 Nov 2015, 8:35 pm

Good Evening

Ive got a office/games room (its my 3rd bedroom that i tell the missus its my work office but its my man cave)

Hosted in there is my
Gaming PC

Countless other handhelds and various bookcases of games from all eras from Atari2600 to current gen

Only on a 37" due to the size of the room but theres a 50" awaiting to replace it once my housemove is completed.

Hoping to get some games on with you all in due course
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Re: Where do you play?

Postby Mulletino » Fri 22 Jan 2016, 5:36 am

^^^^ It'd be cool to see some photos of the old games! :)

This is a SNES I picked up for a mate when I saw it uber cheap, not often you see prices like that in Smackies! (less than 20 quid)


TBH I wouldn't have minded it myself but I knew he was really after one.

Here's my tiny collection of old school games, mostly ones from when I was a kid!


and to get this back on topic, my 2016 view from where I sit to game:

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