Fancy getting your specially adapted vehicles out?

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Fancy getting your specially adapted vehicles out?

Postby Vikki » Mon 05 Feb 2007, 1:06 am

Hello its been a while!

I'm trying to drum up some willing speed freaks for an MVP (aka sony CSV) socom 3 jeep racing night tonight (monday) at 8pm. ES Server - pw 'jeepers'. Ok, maybe not speed freaks, more like a Sunday Driver?

I know there has been some loss of interest in socom 3, but thought it might be nice for a change to try something different and get a few old faces on.

Basically, its a knockout jeep racing competition, and it would be great to see if you can go more than one lap without having to stop for a wee.

Full details are here... I strongly recommend you take a look at the map before you come!
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Postby ManicMyna » Mon 05 Feb 2007, 6:37 pm

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Postby HastaLaVista » Mon 05 Feb 2007, 11:45 pm

Sorry Vikki.

Today was the old folks annual trip to Skegness. We had a lovely day out, but RT lost his best false teeth on the beach, Kippers was sick after eating too much candyfloss and Sav spent an hour trying to explain to a policeman that the zip on his special courderoy trousers was broken and he'd forgotten to put on his underpants and that it wasn't really his fault that his old chap kept flopping about in the breeze.
To round off an eventful outing, the charabanc broke down on the way home and we had to wait for a tow-truck. Unfortunately Halo needed to wee, but was too shy to say anything. So we had to clear everyone off the backseat to see if it would dry out.
So we were late home and missed your little outing. Sorry about that.
You probably noticed that we had to leave manic behind today. He wasn't allowed on this trip, as punishment for the incident last time with the donkey and the cucumber.

Hope your evening was successful. :D
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Postby Mulletino » Tue 06 Feb 2007, 12:02 am

...shame though as we have plenty of specially adapted vehicles too! :(


Hope it went well Vikki. :D
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