KIllzone2 [OAP] vs [O&P]

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KIllzone2 [OAP] vs [O&P]

Postby haulfryn » Tue 03 Mar 2009, 7:18 am

Morning folks

Ken came for a wander and a coffee over at our forum the other day and made this post

kencanvery wrote:Hi all

Just wondering how many of you chaps and chapettes have Killzone 2 yet and feel like a bit of intraclan mixing it up?

If so pop over and throw down the old gauntlett (marigold glove) and we could arrange a mutual event

Here's a thought

kencanvey wrote:Killzone 2 has spread like an infection through us at oaps, I think we have about 20ish or more members down with it!

I'm not sure we could gather together a full team for a match at the moment

How about us bolstering numbers for some battles on the bigger maps. Have you got 3 or 4 forum clans? Maybe we could create a game 2 x [OAP] clans vs 1 x [OAP] clan + [O&P]

The open online games are typically difficult to get a gang of us into and then form a squad

Tuesday nights seem to have worked pretty well for interforum action in the past so I'd suggest that again
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