Constitution as at 11th April 2012

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Constitution as at 11th April 2012

Postby Watty » Wed 11 Apr 2012, 10:34 am

Updated 11/04/2012. Replaced membership section.

Old Age Playstationers is a community that originally formed around the time of the 2003 Beta Trials, and has grown with the Playstation’s online popularity to become one of Europe’s biggest gaming communities.

OAP primarily play Playstation online games, and this will include all previous, current and future versions of the Playstation consoles and handhelds released by Sony. Throughout the remainder of the Constitution any reference to the expression Playstation is deemed to include the PS2, PS3, PSP and any future Sony console or handheld release.

Old Age Playstationers comprises of the older generation of Playstation owners/gamers who are not interested in top scores, cheats, or extreme skill. We are interested in playing with like minded individuals in an environment where cheating does not occur, foul language based on your performance or lack of it is not present and where commitments to playing games take second or even third place over real life.

OAP will seek to create an enjoyable and safe place for all gamers whether they are experienced or new to the online Playstation experience and regardless of whether they are a full member of OAP or not (in the case of open, clan or chums games). This will be done through the creation of, clans, guilds, groups, houses, open, chums or closed rooms or any other collectives in the various titles released for the Playstation.

The community website will normally be located at will normally forward to the main website. In exceptional circumstances only, the elders may provision access to the community website at another address until such a time as the emergency is resolved and the normal address(es) become available again.

Zero posters will, from time to time, be contacted by an Elder and asked to contribute in the forum or respond by email, else their account could be removed.

The hosting space is maintained through donations from the OAP community.

The IRC channel is #oaps on Emails can be sent at any time to


Bowling Club membership (full membership) is for individuals who wish to make Old Age Playstationers their sole or main gaming community and wish to sport the [OAP] tag in online games. If you are a member of another clan or community and wish that to be your main one, then becoming an OAP Chum is for you.

To become either a Bowling Club member or an OAP Chum you must first:

  • be a minimum of 27 years old
  • be committed to our ethos on behaviour in our forums and when playing online games
  • register on our forums, preferably with your Playstation username
  • make a post in the Introductions forum, following the guidelines in that forum
  • respond to posts in your introduction from Bowling Club members

You will initially become a BC Probationer or a Chum Probationer depending on whether it is Bowling Club or OAP Chum membership you are seeking. You will be invited to play online with Bowling Club members. We would like you to join in some of these online gaming sessions, using comms so that Bowling Club members can talk to you. If you receive 10 vouches from eligible Bowling Club members, you will then become a Bowling Club member or an OAP Chum. Becoming a Bowling Club member or an OAP Chum confirms acceptance of and compliance with the OAP rules and guidelines.

Eligible Bowling Club members are those who have been an active member of the community for the last 6 months. Vouches can be based on knowledge of the Probationer from their forum posts, conversations in IRC, real life or online gaming experiences with the Probationer or a combination of these. Negative vouches will be taken into consideration by the Elders.

The OAP community will not tolerate any form of abuse including those relating to race, gender, sexual preference and religion. Any repeating offender will disciplined for Gross Misconduct.

The OAP community will always encourage fair play, and will not participate in seeking an advantage in online gaming through glitches, bugs, code altering devices, cheats, hacks or other specialist software or hardware that alters the game beyond a player's skill level, giving them an unfair advantage in online gaming unless a specific room has been created and titled for this purpose. By becoming a Bowling Club member confirms acceptance of and compliance with this.

Some games set up for Bowling Club members/OAP Chums/Probationers may be closed rooms and some may use passwords, which are clearly posted on the forums. These passwords must not be divulged to anyone; people should be directed to the forums to see the passwords if they have access. Divulging the passwords may result in disciplinary action. In closed rooms where invitation is via the Friends List, non-OAP members may join providing that all other Bowling Club members in the room agree to this.

If you find non-OAP members within a closed room set up for Bowling Club members/OAP Chums/Probationers and Bowling Club members haven’t agree to their presence, please take a note of their online id(s) and report them to one of the Elders.

Changes to the constitution may only be made by OAP Elders but ideas can be suggested by anyone within the community. Before changes are made, they will be confirmed to the OAP Bowling Club in the form of a new topic on the Organisational Discussion forum where it will remain for 7days. If no comments disagreeing with the suggested changes are posted then the constitution will be updated without further discussion.

If a change provokes opposing views within the community then the change will be put to a Bowling Club vote, which will be available for at least 7 days. The option with the majority vote will stand and the constitution will be updated without further discussion.

Voting can be conducted with using any of the following methods:

  • IRC (with logs of vote taken)
  • Email
  • Forum Poll
  • Postal Ballot
The normal voting procedure will take the form of either a forum poll or email ballot.

The Elders of OAP are a group of 11 Bowling Club members who are elected annually by the Bowling Club.

Their role is to:

  • provide an open environment of accountability to Bowling Club members
  • provide procedural guidance and strategic direction for the community, (All agreed procedures should be recorded within the Elders forum, and emailed to all Elders)
  • organise payment of hosting services, domain registration and other ongoing costs
  • administer the OAP Website and manage changes as necessary
  • admit new members to the Bowling Club
  • assist in the moderation of the forums
  • actively promote OAP to the outside world
  • recruit and manage volunteers from the community who will be required from time to time to assist in the operations of the community
  • monitor/approve calendar events
  • monitor/approve news articles for the site
  • administrate award allocations i.e. Award Nerkins and under Nerkins
  • update the bowling club membership on all Elder issues / decisions relating to the community as a whole.
  • handle complaints
  • reprimanding and/or dismissing members in breach of the constitution

Decisions made by the Elders must be passed by a majority. A minimum majority of 6 elders is required to pass any decision.

Elders will meet in an official capacity when 1 or more Elders request such a meeting. Where a meeting is required, this will take place on IRC. Minutes of key action points and decisions will be taken and posted on the Organisational Discussion forum and will be visible to all Bowling Club Members, inviting discussion. Where voting has occurred during this meeting then the results of the vote will also be posted. Logs of all IRC meetings will be saved and made available to anyone not present.

Website Admins will be selected by the Elders - minimum of 2 people
Forum Moderators will be selected by the Elders - minimum of 2 people
IRC Ops will be selected by the Elders - minimum of 2 people

Elders may appoint non-elected helpers to provide assistance with administration duties on the website and chat room. These appointments must be agreed within the elders and is only a temporary placement and can be withdrawn at any time as deemed necessary.

In the event of an Elders planned unavailability (ie. real life commitments, holiday, trip to hospital for hip replacement etc.), the Elder may nominate an "Elders Little Helper" to perform necessary duties and vote on an Elders behalf. The Elder in question must nominate the helper and post to that effect on the Elders forum and advise when they will be returning. If there are no objections within the elders, the Elders Little Helper will then be given the relevant rights and privileges of the indisposed Elder. Even in their absence the Elder is still responsible for all acts and errors that are performed by the Elders Little Helper. This position is temporary and cannot be held without a pre-defined end date.

In the event of an unforeseen absence of an Elder, the remaining Elders will wait patiently for a period of 24 hours and tut a lot. If the Elder does not respond they are deemed indisposed and a suitable helper may be nominated as required. The Helper would be elevated by this same method but would come under the responsibility of the remaining Elders. Upon the welcome return of the indisposed Elder, jubilation will ensue and the helper will be returned to the Bowling Club.

If the Elder does not return after a period of 1 month, then their position will be put up for election and all BC members (including the Little Helper) may stand.

The missing Elder is placed on the Exploring Darkest Africa List and their memory is never forgotten.

This process applies regardless of whether the election is for the annual Elder elections of just for the appointment of an individual Elder.

The Elders will post a new topic on the Organisational Discussion forum confirming the need and reason for the Elder election. All existing bowling club members can apply for the position(s) providing the candidate:

  • has been a member of the OAP Bowling Club consecutively for the last 6 months.
  • is willing to step down from any current OAP Games Champion role if they are successfully elected. (They do not need to step down from their Games Champion role until they have been successfully elected)
  • has not quit from or been voted off the Elder’s in the last 3 months.
  • has not been issued with more than 1 strike in the last 3 months (See Disciplinary process).
  • is not a moderator, admin, team captain nor holds any other significant role on another online gaming community website
  • is an active member of this community i.e. regularly posts on the website, uses IRC and/or plays online with other OAPs on the PS3

Candidates will have 1 week from the posting of the election to state their interest in the position. When stating their interest, the candidate should post a quick explanation as to why they want the role and what they would bring to it. If there are more candidates than there are places then an election will be held as follows:

Full Annual Election:
Voting will be arranged any existing Elder with the approval of the others using a unique OAP email address. All OAPs who have been Bowling Club members for at least 3 months are eligible to vote. A full list of all candidates will be confirmed in a news item and OAP Bowling Club members will be invited to vote for the 6 different candidates they would like to see as Elders. All emails must contain your OAP website forum ID (to prevent repeat voting) and the names of the 6 candidates you would like to see as Elder. Members are NOT permitted to vote for themselves. The voting will remain open for 1 week. When voting closes the votes will be counted and the results confirmed by forum post on the Organisational Discussion forum. The number of votes received for each candidate will be confirmed and the top eleven candidates will be elected into the Elders positions.

Where the voting is tied and 11 clear winners cannot be identified, then only the tied candidates will enter into a second week of voting. All previous votes are discounted and the OAP Bowling Club community will be asked to vote again using the following election process. Once eleven candidates are elected the previous Elders will hand over as soon as it is possible, to the new Elders.

Replacement/Tied Election Process:
Voting can be arranged by any existing Elder with the approval of the others using a unique OAP email address. All OAPs who have been Bowling Club members for at least 3 months are eligible to vote. A list of replacement/tied candidates will be confirmed in a news item and OAP Bowling Club members will be invited to vote for the replacement/tied candidate(s) they would like to see as an Elder. Members are NOT permitted to vote for themselves. The voting will remain open for 1 week. When voting closes the votes will be counted and the results confirmed by forum post on the Organisational Discussion forum. The number of votes received for each candidate will be confirmed and the replacement/tied candidate(s) will be elected into the Elder(s) positions.

Where there is a tied vote then only the tied candidates will enter into a second week of voting where all previous votes are discounted and the OAP Bowling Club community will be asked to vote again using exactly the same method. This will continue until a clear winner is decided.

"The Elders" user id will be used by Elders to provide a common voice for all announcements, judgements and statements a generic user id will be utilised by Elders to make such postings. This can be for (but not limited to):

  • congratulations on applicants joining the Bowling Club
  • commiserations on applicants failing to join Bowling Club
  • announcements posted in Forum which are the decision of Elders
  • Decisions on Gross Misconduct Hearings

The user id is not for the posting of personal views of any Elders. Using the id for this will be considered Gross Misconduct.

Elders will utilise the Organisational Discussion forum for its day to day postings and discussions. Bowling Club members can post in the threads created, but Elders decisions on matters will be final.

Elders will utilise the Elders Chat Room and Elders forum for disciplinary discussions and matters not requiring Bowling Club discussion.

An Elder can be given a vote of no confidence if a significant number of BC members post so in a poll. The number of No confidence votes must exceed 25.

An Elder can be given a vote of no confidence by the remaining Elders. The number of Elder No Confidence votes must exceed 8.

If an Elder is given a no confidence vote by the Bowling Club members or remaining Elders, they will have all access and duties removed apart from the normal BC membership access. They may stand for re-election after 3 months.

A BC initiated no confidence takes precedence over Elder initiated no confidence.

OAP is a strictly not-for-profit organization. No elders will profit from the daily operations of OAP. However it can, from time to time, embark upon fundraising activities to assist in the continual operation of the community and any special events agreed on by the Elders. Also, when agreed by the Elders, personal projects using the OAP logo can be conducted, subject to a donation of profit to the ongoing running of OAP.

All financial information must be recorded and reported to the Elders on a monthly basis. At a minimum, the total current balance, total outgoings and total incomings must be confirmed. This data must be made available upon request from any Bowling Club member.

At least 2 members of the Elders will be responsible for auditing the finances and may request statements on funds received for OAP at any time.

The Elders may make changes to the Forum on an as needed basis, but changes will be communicated to the BC members as soon as possible. Guidelines for changes are as follows:

Minor - Can be done without need of announcement

  • Forum Titles or description changes
  • Adding new forums within existing sections
  • Submitting news, calendar, reviews etc
  • Responding to a help desk enquiry
  • Adding smilies and avatars (need to give all admins FTP access too)
  • Adding new members to the bowling club

Middle - changes requiring notification once they have been actioned

  • Changing order of forums
  • Adding new sections to the forum
  • Deleting sections of the forum
  • Servicing hosting account
  • Servicing domain names

Major - to be put to discussion before action is taken

  • Banning members (only admins can do this)
  • Changing templates

Any Bowling Club Member or Elder can resign from their position as BC member, Moderator, IRC Mod or Elder.

Making a post that states the member does not wish to continue in that role is sufficient for the resignation to be accepted. The rights associated with that account will be changed with immediate effect.

If the poster reconsiders their statement and wishes to rescind it then a subsequent withdrawal statement must be added.

The Elders will then convene to discuss the matter and pass judgement on the request for re-instatement, if re-instatement occurs the rights previously associated with that individual may be either partially or fully reinstated by the Elders.

If the reinstatement decision goes against the poster, then they may appeal by posting a poll in the general section of Bowling Club, or in the Intros Section if they have lost their BC membership.

The following actions are considered Gross Misconduct:

  • Misusing rights associated with User id granted
  • Posting using another members User Id
  • Posting personal statements whilst using the "The Elders" id
  • Editing a poster’s content such that the meaning is changed/deleted without prior permission of the poster (the exception being for spelling mistakes, racial hatred and foul language).
  • Utilising cheats in OAP matches against other Clans
  • Posting or saying over comms any form of abuse but specifically including anything relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion.
  • Breaking any OAP Constitutional Rule

Events of Gross Misconduct will result in a disciplinary occuring.

The constitution expects that in the event of Gross Misconduct, or any other problem within the community, that a disciplinary process should be adopted. Please remember that this is supposed to be a safe and friendly place where mature gamers can play games and discuss gaming ideas and topics. To ensure it stays this way, problems within the community will be handled seriously by the Elders.

If you have a problem with any member of this community, we would hope that you initially try and resolve this in an adult manner and away from the OAP Forums or IRC chat rooms. If you find that you are unable to resolve the problem then please speak to one of the Elders. We will need specific information and will not get involved based on just hear say. We will only handle complaints from affected individuals and not their friends.

If anyone is found to be causing offence or has acted in a way which can be deemed as Gross Misconduct, they will be dealt with in one of the following ways:

  • Level 1 Strike - The Elders will send a PM providing information of what we feel has been done wrong and that we expect this to stop.
  • Level 2 Strike - The Elders will send a PM confirming that any further problems of this nature will result in the elders imposing a temporary ban.
  • Level 3 Strike - The Elders will apply a 1 week ban on the all website, IRC and OAP gaming room access. All other OAP members will be asked to kick the user from OAP game rooms for that period. If necessary, passwords will be changed. You will be emailed to confirm this action has been taken, the reason for this and the date your profile will be re-enabled.
  • Level 4 Strike - The Elders will apply a permanent ban on all website access to the website, irc rooms and OAP game rooms. OAP Members will be asked to kick that user from any OAP game room and again passwords will be changed if this is ignored by the banned member. Again you will be emailed to confirm this action along with the reason.

Applied strikes will be effective for 6 months unless confirmed otherwise at time of allocation.

Any person allocated more than a Level 1 Strike will have any special duties (Elder, Games Champion, Award Nerkin, IRC Operator) and specially allocated awards (apart from team plaster/intraclan awards) removed from their profile. If they are removed from an Elder role, the position will be opened up under the Replacement/Tied Election Process. The removed Elder will be ineligible to apply for any Elder type position for a minimum of 3 months although this could be longer depending on how long they have more than the Level 1 Strike allocated to them.

The Elder’s majority decision is final. The Elders can apply any strike level they deem fit, depending on the seriousness of the incident. Disciplinary action will only be confirmed and discussed with the involved individuals.
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