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Sig Guidelines

Postby The Elders » Sat 10 Nov 2012, 2:40 am

· Where can I get one of those sigs?
We have many artistic types within OAP. If you want a sig then post a request on the forum and someone will be around to offer you some help. Failing this, speak to one of the elders and they will point you in the right direction.

· Can I use my own sig?
Yes, you can either create your own, ask someone to create one for you, use the official Playstation Portable ID sig or you can use one of the many sigs available on the Internet e.g. PlayFire. There are a few guidelines for sigs, see below.

· How do I insert the image into my sig?
Just type [img]sig[/img] into the sig area at the bottom of your profile page, where sig is the url of the sig.

· What are the guidelines for sigs?
So that we don't end up with sigs that are too large or contain inappropriate content, we would ask all who use the OAP website to follow the guidelines below.


This is the MAXIMUM size for your sig. You may also have 1 line of text below this if you wish (to be no longer than 550px, no line break between the sig and the text). Two or more picture sigs are allowed provided in total they do not exceed the maximum size for your sig. If your sig does not fit within this size or is larger than the maximum filesize specified, then your sig may be removed and you may get a PM.

Your sig(s) must be within the size and weight specified above.

*No embedded sounds in sigs, not even on mouseovers.

*For sigs created by full Bowling Club members, we would encourage you to include "OAP" and/or the OAP 'logo', within the image content of your sig. If you are using the PSN official sig or others like those from PlayFire we would encourage you put the OAP URL or an OAP type comment in your "about me" section in the PSN account management so that this shows in your sig. However, this is not a requirement.

*Sigs that cause extremely slow page loads due to slow hosts will be immediately removed. Please respect the others that visit this site.

*Use of derogatory terms and profanity is highly discouraged and frowned upon by Elders and will be removed.

The Elders will deal with sigs on a case by case basis, the preferred first contact being a friendly PM reminding the user of the recommendations, and if no action is taken the sig may be removed. Sigs may however be removed without prior notification.

Sigs will now be automatically resized to the maximum 550 x 125 while maintaining the original aspect ratio.
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