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Chums Room Guidelines

Postby The Elders » Sat 10 Nov 2012, 2:46 am

Old Age Playstationers is a community that originally formed around the time of the 2003 Beta Trials, and has grown with the Playstation 2’s online popularity to become one of Europe’s biggest gaming communities.

OAP primarily play PS2 online games, and this will include all future versions of the Playstation console released by Sony.

OAP comprises of the older generation of Playstation owners/gamers who are not interested in top scores, cheats, or extreme skill. We are interested in playing with like minded individuals in an environment where cheating does not occur, foul language based on your performance or lack of it is not present and where commitments to playing games take second or even third place over real life.

As the Playstation online community grew, so did the number of players that were intent on cheating, swearing, shouting and generally spoiling gaming for others. OAP like other communities / clans started splitting off into private password protected rooms to ensure that these types of players were excluded. This worked really well although as the number of online titles increased, it became clear that supporting all these games would become ever more difficult and finding like minded people at a time when you wanted to play was all but impossible.

With this in mind, OAP decided to start up a password protected Chums room where the password was shared with like minded individuals who, like us, just want to play games without any cheating, whining or abuse. The Chums room aims to provide a sanctuary for these people enabling them to play alongside each other, preserving a quality gaming experience and playing under the OAP House Rules in an invite only atmosphere without any age restrictions.

Access to the Chums rooms is restricted only to individuals that have been invited to participate and have been provided with access to the Chums forum on the OAP website, where the password is stored.

If you would like to join OAP Chums then you should:

be at least 16 years old.
have created an account on our forums and added an introduction topic to the Introductions forum. This should confirm details about yourself, including your age, gaming handles, how you heard about OAP Chums and why you want to join.
provide recommendations from existing Chums / OAP Bowling Club Members that have held their position for 3 continuous months. They should add their approval by replying to your introduction topic.
A vote from an existing BC member is worth 2 Green Shield Stamps, a vote from an existing Chum is worth 1 Green Shield Stamp. The total can be made up of any combination of the above as long as the ending total is 6 Green Shield Stamps as it takes a total of 6 Green Shield Stamps to be granted chummage.
All votes must include an explanation of where the OAP/Chum met the person and reasons why they are vouching for being a Chum.
Any votes without an explanation or reasons for the vouch will not be counted.
Disclaimer: Green Shield Stamps are only valid for voting. They may not be exchanged for any other gift (pens, lighters, keyrings etc). They have a monetary value of 0.00001p so they ain't worth trading in.
The decision to add people to OAP Chums is a group one and as such access may not always be granted instantaneously, so please bear with us.

Please note that until your access to the Chums forum has been granted, existing Chums and OAP Bowling Club members are not permitted to give out the password to Chums rooms.

Upon being given access to the Chums forum / password, please do not give this to anyone else (including fellow clan members). Failure to comply with this will result in the password being changed and you being removed from the Chums forum. There are no acceptable excuses for breaking this rule. As such, if you are asked by anyone to give them the Chums password then please refer them to our Chums forum. If they cannot access this then they cannot enter the Chums room until this access has been granted.

In the event that the Chums room password is changed, the main post on the Chums forum will be updated, a news item will be posted on our front page and an email will be issued to all members of the Chums forum. Please ensure you keep your profile email address correct as you could miss such changes.

If you are unable to access a recognised OAP Chums room, first check that you have the correct password by either visiting the Chums forum, pop into our IRC chat room or ask any online OAP member you spot. Please note that they will only be able to confirm the validity of your password. If you have an invalid password, they will only be able to give you the correct password if they are able to verify your inclusion on the Chums forum usergroup whilst chatting to you (i.e. they have a PC nearby to check our website). If they cannot give you the password then please don't get upset with them, just visit our forums next time you are online.

If you think you may have inadvertently given out the password to somebody that should not it, then please notify one of the elders as soon as possible.

Anybody accessing a Chums room that is not recognised will be challenged and if they are unable to confirm their forum identity and/or the source of their password, they will be excluded from the room. If this person continues to reconnect then the password will be changed.

A Chums room can be created by any Chum or OAP member and on any game although the password used must be as confirmed. It should be titled Chums, OAP Chums or the like. OAP does not operate a weapon/map/track restriction policy and as such Chums rooms should not be restricted in this way. Specifically, on Socom 3 we ask that all Chums Rooms should be default setup as Unranked with no gun/map/mode restrictions.

If you want to set up a room which has certain restrictions, eg. Ranked Room, Daylight Small Maps, Shotguns Only, etc and others are in agreement then please feel free to do so, including the use of the Chums password. All we ask is that you clearly mark your room so that all who connect know exactly what they are joining and that the room may actually restrict access for them to join. Again, the room must then be clearly marked. eg. "Chums Day Sml /Chums No Shot" etc.

Anyone using the Chums room must abide by the following rules:

No Cheating / Glitching.
No Aborting – Unless Real Life has given you a good reason to run.
No *****ing – about weapon, maps, lag, etc - we have heard it all before.
No Abusive Behaviour – (including Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation).
No Offensive posts must be added to any of the OAP Forums.
Have Fun – Our gaming time is very precious and this is what we are all there for.
If you catch anyone breaking one of these rules, please take a note of their online id and when the incident occurred and report full details to any member of OAP. We take these rules very seriously and even OAP members must abide by them, so do not feel you have to accept such behaviour.

Please note that anyone breaking these rules will risk being temporarily/permanently removed from the Chums forums and games rooms at the elders discretion.

Whilst we appreciate that there will be evenings when certain teams are more dominant than the other, it is never fun when one team is trouncing the other game after game all night. If this is happening in a particular game, don’t be afraid to suggest mixing up the teams. Although the winning team may be reluctant to change, we all know that games are much more fun when they are more closely fought.

Also keep an eye on team numbers. Don’t start a new game unless teams are evenly filled and also check those team numbers again after the game starts, just in case anyone has been kicked out or quits a game. If this happens try less aggressive tactics against the team with fewer members.

Obviously this is quite a subjective issue and all we can really ask is that you all take a sensible approach to this.

SPLITTING THE ROOM (For games such as Socom):
At the end of each game, whilst in the lobby, please take note of the number of spectators in the gallery. Normally there is some churn at the end of each game but if it is a particularly busy evening, discuss the possibility of creating a second Chums room so that more players can be included. If a room split is agreed, before anyone leaves, decide who will move to the new room. Always aim to ensure that an even number of players ends up in each room rather than leaving one empty.

If someone suggests splitting the room then please support them and don’t just dismiss the idea and green up as we would like to see as many people playing as possible. If this means that there are then two rooms ¾ filled then this is much better than one full room and 4 players sat waiting.

The Elders have agreed that kids of OAP Bowling Club members can access our Closed and Chums games. In agreeing to this, it was noted that these rooms have been set up to allow like minded adults to gather whilst playing their favourite online games and as such the topics of conversation may not be suitable for younger ears.

Although most members would not intend to swear in front of young children, in the heat of a game this sometimes inevitable and as such we take no responsibility for any such behaviour unless it is deemed completely inappropriate by the elders.

For this reason we would prefer youngsters to leave closed rooms by 10.00 p.m. as the language can become more strained as the evening progresses (especially where alcohol is involved ).

This is only a guideline though and as such we have no objections to small ones remaining in rooms after this time as long as they have their parents/guardians permission or supervision.

As such if you are in a Chums room and you know kids are present, please be mindful of your language.

Thanks for wading through all this and we look forward to many a game with our Chums under the spirit of OAP.

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