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IRC Information

Postby The Elders » Sat 10 Nov 2012, 2:49 am

The OAP IRC channel can be accessed either via the Chat Room link (java client), or through an IRC client (such as MIRC) connected to Quakenet and then #oaps

You can also access the OAP IRC channel from your browser:

Nickname: your OAP name
Then click on Join chat

Operators are appointed automatically on becoming an Elder and they are there to look after the room. Sometimes the Elders may appoint a non-Elder bowling club member as a temporary operator to help run the room during quiet times such as over night. We will try to ensure there is at least one operator in the room at all times although this may not always be possible.

If you are connecting from a mobile device, or your IRC program doesn't have an easy setup mode, most of the parameters they'll ask for are absolutely standard, and whilst they look a little bit "tech-y", they just need to have the right values filled in to them. A selection of the "right" values are given here for your ease and reference.

Server Name - Quakenet
Server Address [:port] -
SSL? - No
Nick 1, Nick 2, Nick 3 - The nick you want to use (I use ColSonders, Col, Sonders_) in that order, it'll pick the first one that's available on the network
Username - Don't bother with this
Real Name - "Mickey Mouse", unless you want everyone on the IRC network to know your real name
#Autojoin,#channels - Ultimately, you want to autojoin the #oaps channel, so put #oaps in here
Autorun Commands - Leave this alone
Server Password - Leave this too.
Operators of the OAP IRC channel are the Elders. See the OAP Elder List

IRC Rules:

1) The channel is there as a chill out/discussion zone and as such we do not want to see arguing/bickering.
2) We expect all users to behave in accordance with the rules set out in the OAP Constitution. As such any person posting any form of abuse but specifically including anything relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion will be kicked immediately from the room and the matter will be passed to the Elders. Attempts to return to the room before the elders have discussed the issue will be met with a temporary ban.

If you have any questions please feel free to chat to one of the operators/Elders in the chat room, via the forums or by e-mail.
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