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OAP History

Postby The Elders » Sat 10 Nov 2012, 2:56 am

Once upon a time Kroy had an idea. This was a surprise to Kroy as not often did they occur. He thought about it long and hard and after approximately 5mins he eagerly headed over to the Beta Trial Playstation Forum and posted a message about his brilliant new idea.


There were quite a few replies showing interest in Kroy's ideas. Additional threads started to spring up, telling stories of other such players inhabiting the third place. A problem existed, in that all these souls were lost and Kroy needed a way to bring them together. He embarked on the construction of a website and quickly put together a simple page with a link for disciples to email him if they wanted to join. He received over a dozen replies so proceeded with phase 2 of his plan; to create a forum for us old people to gather and moan, as we like to do.

This all took time and meanwhile the older players, that still inhabited the third place, continued to wander around the rooms of Socom completely bewildered by the abhorrent language of the muddy funking youth in addition to the constant screeching of people trying to spoil this new and exciting online world.

After a couple of days, the forum was alive, and Kroy invited everyone to come and join in, but in these confusing times a separate group had grown on Yahoo. People had agreed to join both as they were under the impression that both groups were one in the same. But they were wrong (pause for sad sigh).

Kroy saw this confusion and was not going to let his excellent idea go to waste. After a brief discussion followed by a bloody battle (yes it was Frost Fire, again), it was agreed that both groups would live happily under one banner. But what would the banner be? Again there was much talk, as talk was cheap in our day, and it finally came down to a choice of 2, OAP & 32k (being our average salary ). OAP seemed to fit us much better and from this point onwards we were know as the Old Age Playstationers.


The OAP's now had a home and a banner and with about 20 members, little did they realise how quickly it would grow. With an initial joining rate of over 2 new members a day, the ranks soon swelled to an army of doddery old folk.

With such a large membership, the old forum started to creak under the weight of all that reminiscing, complaints about young people and vacancies for scantily clad home help. Again it was time for action and a new home needed to be found. Much talking occurred, including the consumption of gallons of tea and biscuits. Gradually the talk turned into reality and in June 2003 this glorious website was created. Leadership of the OAP's also changed from Kroy the Dictator, to a group of dictators and with all this going on, Kroy retired to his care centre where he sat and watched ....everyone else do the work as that is his way!!

There are now over 300 official OAP members and it is amazing to think how big and quickly we have grown. I shudder to think about the number of hours that have been spent on our PS2's over the last few months, online with our new OAP pals.

All I can say is I hope that this is a start of a long and glorious history.

Long Live the OAP's
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