Requirements and How to join the OAP's

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Requirements and How to join the OAP's

Postby The Elders » Sat 10 Nov 2012, 2:43 am

· What are the requirements to join the OAP?
What are the requirements to join the OAP? Typically OAP members are aged 27 or over, although people under this age guideline are welcome to apply, but expect to be questioned on why you think you are old enough to join. But please do read on how to join the OAP's as there are a few steps to full membership.

· How do I join the OAP's
1) Register yourself as user on the Forums, preferably with your PSN id as your username (This allows you to post on Forums).

2) Post an intro in the intro section, this intro must have a minimum of 150 words and state the following:

History of yourself
How you became aware of OAP
Gaming history
Why you feel you are old enough to be an OAP?
Do you have any colleagues in OAP who are willing to vouch for your maturity and fit into OAP ethos?

Bowling Club members can then post their questions comments on this thread for you to respond to, this is the most critical phase of any members application, as Bowling Club members decide whether you are fit to join. Please note: the use of "txt tlk" or lack of punctuation in your intro means you are likely to be ridiculed a little, don't say we didn't warn you!

3) Play in OAP open games, interact with OAPs online, or chat on the OAP irc channel. This will help highlight the fact that you are the right person to be an OAP.

If all goes well you will be invited to join the Bowling Club, you will then be allowed to sport the OAP tag at the front of your gaming handle and participate in all of the OAP Forums.

If you are unsuccessful, an Elder will post in your application thread a statement saying so - they are not under any obligation to provide a reason. The thread will be locked and that application process will be over.

So if you think you are old enough, mature enough or just plain stubborn enough, tell us about yourself and we will let you know....

Please be aware, the application process isn't always a quick one, as we're pretty laid back and old (and have jobs and commitments and stuff) it may take a while for your application to be fully considered. In the meantime, please use the chance to converse with existing OAPS either in your intro thread or via the IRC thingamajig mentioned below.

· How do I join one of the OAP teams?
If you have registered and been accepted into the Bowling Club, you will automatically be assigned into one of the two teams. Please contact an Elder if you find yourself teamless.

· What is the clan tag?
Our clan tag was created when PS2 online was just SOCOM, and as such the id was defined as [OAP]

However, Central Station (the PS2 online Sony ID) didn't allow those special characters [], so for members wishing to show OAP membership with the PS2, the CS id was typically appended with OAP instead.

With the PS3 and its PSN ID being a central non-changing gaming handle, some games allow for clan tags. Unfortunately there isn't yet a standardised way of them implementing this so there are a couple of options:

For games that allow proper clan structures (like Warhawk): Post in the relevant game thread (or send a FL message to the clan leader of that game) asking if you can be added to said clan.
For games that allow the addition of a clan tag with no formalities (like CoD4): Just add the clan tag OAP in the clan settings (or [OAP] if it allows the characters and doesn't add the brackets itself).

Either way, wear your clan tag with pride, you've earned it!
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