Christmas GT help please (and which photo site is the best)

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Christmas GT help please (and which photo site is the best)

Postby Mane » Sat 08 Dec 2018, 3:16 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm using GT Sport to create a calendar as a Christmas present for my brother in law with his company logos on the cars in the scenes.

It looks great! But I'd love some more action shots.
If you have GT Sport and are free Sunday evening then I'd really appreciate your help. Yes, I should have planned this more in advance. Sure, tomorrow night (9th Dec from 9)is difficult, but it's going to be great fun !

I'm liking the bonusprint website for creation, because it's not a set template where each month is the same, or even where each month is different but fixed, but has tools which let you use the layout you want for each month, and have whatever background, frame options, and even foreground collage multi options. I found it to be the most versatile.
December 16th is the last date for Christmas orders.

Please help!
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