Bar-g'in thread (anyone who looks)

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Re: Bar-g'in thread (anyone who looks)

Postby Mulletino » Thu 10 Jan 2019, 10:59 pm

I actually quite enjoy the DOOM multiplayer, is very reminiscent of old school online shooters, a refreshing break from everything trying to be CoD.
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Re: Bar-g'in thread (anyone who looks)

Postby DaddyR » Tue 15 Jan 2019, 3:53 pm

DaddyR wrote:
zb100 wrote:
DaddyR wrote:Doom £5 and same day delivery for Prime members.

Doom (PS4) ... nCbDJBNWT5

Wow. At that rate, it'd be criminal not to pick it up!

I'm way ahead of you. Guess what I'll be doing at 9pm. Installing updates probably, but you get my point!

Well I wasn't wrong, the 63gb (!) download/installation finished after 10pm. At least it was only the multiplayer bit by that time and I was able to play the main game straight away. It's fun in a dumb way.
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